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Saturday, February 14, 2004

That Giant Time-Sucking Sound

I was going to go to the movies today. I was all excited about it. But then I discovered something much more interesting and absorbing.

Distributed Proofreaders.

This is soooo sad. I did 50 pages of proofreading this afternoon. Instead of having fun. When my job, this time of the month, is proofreading! But I can't hellllllp it. I loooove to edit things. In fact, the really sad thing is that this site (since it seeks to recreate the original text, fluffs and all) is not really proofy enough for me.

And still it calls me. I can feel it calling. "Proof me! Proof me!" Aaaaaaaah!

(Anyone who is even vaguely surprised by this doesn't know me very well. Myers-Briggs has its limitations, but I'm so INTP it's disgusting. And this is exactly how I write papers. Scary, eh?)


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