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Saturday, February 21, 2004

Best Religious Poem I've Read in a Long Time

I visited the Badger Clark Memorial Society via The Corner, because they noted that he wrote the lyrics for "Spanish Is the Lovin' Tongue". But among his works on the website, I found "The Job", which is just indescribably good. A partial quote:

I know you laughed then, while you caught and wrought
The big, swift rapturous outline of your thought.
And then -

I see it now.
O God, forgive my pettish row!
I see your job. While ages crawl
Your lips take laboring lines, your eyes a sadder light,
For man, the fire and flower and center of it all -
Man won't come right!
After your patient centuries
Fresh starts, recastings, tired Gethsemanes
And tense Golgothas, he, your central theme,
Is just a jangling echo of your dream.
Grand as the rest may be, he ruins it.

Why don't you quit?
Crumple it all and dream again! But no;
Flaw after flaw, you work it out, revise, refine....

Go read the whole thing.


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