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Saturday, February 14, 2004

Attempted School Carjacking

The big story yesterday in Dayton was a student getting shot at Colonel White High School. It's not in a particularly great area, so most people's first thought was gangs, not Columbine. All the same, it was pretty sickening to find out it was an attempted carjacking. Allegedly masterminded by a member of the basketball team.

So last night's basketball game was canceled, and at least the student wasn't injured too badly. But here's the quote that made me roll my eyes (although I agree the expensive car is stupid).

Richard Kidd, a school district employee and Adams' uncle, said driving an expensive car to school is a bad idea.

"Send a kid to school with a $20,000 car with 20-inch rims and of course there's going to be a carjacking," Kidd said. "What do you expect?"

Oh, I don't know. Maybe I expect that kids shouldn't be doing carjackings at all, much less in the school parking lot?


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