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Wednesday, January 14, 2004

And Then There Were Two....

Preach it, Joy!

Hee! I told you big things were going to happen.

As you can already see, Joy's got an interesting POV and a lot to say. She's also a great deal wiser and braver person than I am. Finally, she watches a great deal more EWTN than I as a loyal "parishioner" of St. Blog's, I obviously need her around to increase this blog's "Latin Mass" quotient! As an independent, she will also provide a little more political diversity of opinion. For this and for so many other reasons, I'm glad to have her here.

Unfortunately, I've had to leave you in Joy's reliable hands for a while, and I will again. I still haven't gotten over this silly cold, so I stayed home from choir practice. This weekend, I'm going up to my friend Steve's place to work on my album. So...I'm resting up determinedly.

But I do have to say...I'm really excited about finally ditching the outdated bits of the space program and moving on to the real business of living and working in space. Permanent moonbase. Headin' to Mars. (Not giving up and leaving space to China.) Yes, this is a good idea. Let's do this, folks.


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