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Friday, December 05, 2003

Sense and Sensitivity

It's a shame that corporations have to spell out
common sense and common decency. But my company's
HR department has done such a good job of doing just
that, that I feel I should share. (Especially since
my company's not just saying it. I am
so lucky....)

Periodically, [our company] management is asked to address issues in the workplace which are sensitive for both the company and our employees. With that in mind, I want to take this opportunity to restate the position of the company on the following workplace policies and practices.

[Our company], like the rest of [HugeCorp], practices "inclusion" in the workplace. This simply means we attempt to accept the broad range of differences that exist between our employees and insist that all employees be treated with appropriate decorum, respect and dignity in the workplace. In that regard, the company will not tolerate unlawful harassment in the workplace directed against employees by other employees or customers, based on differences such as race, religion, disability, national origin, gender, and sexual preference. We appreciate and support diversity in the workplace. What counts in the workplace is performance...setting appropriate goals and targets and meeting them as individuals and as a team.

The company does not discuss private matters concerning employees with other employees other than those employees having a legitimate and lawful need to know. The company is similarly not at liberty to discuss medical information it obtains from its employees. Individual employees have the latitude to share information with management and are encouraged to do so to assist in business planning (e.g. pending potential leaves and time off, for planning purposes). Any disclosure of personal information outside the above is at the discretion of the employee, consistent with business decorum and good common sense, and in keeping with all other policies.

Should you have ANY concerns about these policies or any questions with regard to any situations, you are encouraged to contact me in the Human Resource department.


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