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Tuesday, October 28, 2003

"Ten-sion, Apprehen-sion, and Dissen-sion Have Be-gun." (RIFF!)

An article about "earworms", those songs that get stuck in your head. The Demolished Man by Alfred Bester not only used them as shields against telepaths, it included a very formidable one composed by the likeable Ms. Duffy. (Okay, so she wasn't a Ms. in the book. She would have been one, though.) The beauty of the lyrics in the book is that the tune is indeed made obvious, and it STICKS IN YOUR HEAD! But of course I will share this lovely experience with those of you who have not read this classic novel.... *evil grin*

Seven, sir, six, sir, five, sir, four, sir, three, sir, two, sir, ONE!

Tenser, says the tensor,
Tenser, says the tensor,
And dissension have begun!

Tenser, says the tensor....


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