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Friday, September 12, 2003

A Reeeeeally Good Day at the Paper

Photos of Miami Valley 9/11 observances.

Dr. David Applebaum's Dayton ties. It would have been a death in the family, anyway, but this brings it closer.

Mikala Cartwright: one tough cookie. You go, girl.

"She's got wheels," said 7-year-old Deonte McIntyre. "She's fast."

DeMarcus Cunigan nodded: "And she'll flatten you."

"Everyone's scared to face her ’cause they know she's gonna catch ’em and hit ’em," Deonte added solemnly. "She's not scared of nothin’. She can ’bout do it all."

You know that old adage — the one about "out of the mouths of babes...." The other night at the old practice field next to Louise Troy Elementary in West Dayton, Deonte and his buddies had sifted through all the other things that people could use to define Mikala Cartwright and settled on the truest description.

They never mentioned she was the only girl on the field. Nor did they bring up that she was deaf. Or that she was mute.

Armando's is closing. You don't know what you got till it's gone. Hopefully, it'll be back.

Sometimes you shouldn't testify. And a jury should always be allowed to use its own knowledge.

“James (the father) testified that he remembered that Sunday very well because he (and Jerome Brown) watched football all day,” Burke said.

"As you may remember, and as the jury remembered, that was the Sunday after 9/11 (the terrorists attacks on the United States) and they canceled football that weekend. The jury didn’t believe that (alibi) story after he lied about the football game.”

Tragically, the best thing in the paper today was not available on the webpage. It was Ted Weatherup's poem "Lindner at the Bank". Okay, so it wasn't the greatest parody ever of "Casey at the Bat", but it voiced the fans' feelings about this salt-sowing excuse for an owner, all right. An excerpt:

The outlook wasn't brilliant for the Cincy nine that day,
The score stood ten games back with but few Redlegs left to play;
And then when Booney left the town and Sully did the same,
A sickly silence fell upon the Reds fans at the game.

A struggling few got up to go, in deep despair. The rest
Clung to that hope which "springs eternal in the human breast".
They thought, If only Lindner would but stand up in the rank,
We'd put up even money now, with Lindner at the bank.

But trades proceeded quickly, as did also bargain sales
And the former were some lulus and the latter brought loud wails.
So upon that stricken multitude grim melancholy sank,
For there seemed but little chance of Lindner going to the bank.

But fans kept up the sales, to the wonderment of all
And the wins began to come under Miley in the Fall
And when the dust had lifted and folks saw what had occurred,
There was "Could Be" safe at second and "Hope" a-huggin' third.....

Finally, the replica Wright Flyer needs help. Ack! What a thing to happen -- to be grounded by your ground truck being stolen! Here's their site if you'd like to help.


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