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Thursday, September 11, 2003

The Memory of Fire

I've been reading mysteries almost compulsively the last few days, and I know why. I hunger for justice about this. So do you.

Some people say we should get over this, or stoically hide our feelings by making action our memorial. That's fine for some. But those of us who need to remember and still grieve have to handle these things in our own way. We need signs and symbols, because we are human.

But yes, memory is nothing without action. Let us remember what we promised the dead as we talking that day: You will have justice. The tears of the grieving will be wiped away. We who live will build a better America and a better world.

Posts for the Day

Frederick Forsyth: "What Terrorists Said to America, and How America Replied.

Fred Gallagher of Megatokyo, artist and architect, has his conscience characters commenting back in 2001 on "A Failure of Conscience".

On the other hand, today in Dayton a Sidney woman bore quintuplets, each weighing four pounds. Life goes on.

So to everybody out there reading this: take care of yourself. Love your family. Cherish your friends. Despite everything, this is a good world. Let's be good to each other. May God bless and keep you all and bring you to eternal life.


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