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Monday, September 22, 2003

Did You Really Want to Go There?

Liberals are chortling about this satirical sf piece by Charles Hoffacker about the Anglican schism. Um...gee, do realize that no conservative would ever compare a gay person to an animal. It took friendly fire to introduce this little rhetorical flourish. Sheesh. With friends like these....

Beyond that, there's a substantial misunderstanding of the scriptural issues involved. Dogs are loved in our culture because they no longer operate solely under the fallen laws of the fallen animal kingdom, but rather have allowed their own desires to be ruled by human law (which is also fallen, but is still a step up). They have become something different, something new, something more like what they were in Eden before the Fall. Something which speaks of Creation, which fell with humans, being redeemed and repaired by humans -- because and somewhat as we are redeemed and repaired by Jesus' death and resurrection.

So...basically this article's rhetoric is really advocating that all gays abandon having sex with other gay people, deal with their attraction to those of the same sex like any other temptation, and take up their calling to a life of patient chastity. So they should go join Courage and tell 'em Mr. Hoffacker sent 'em.

Not that there's anything wrong with that....

The moral of the story is...quoting the Bible in any argument opens up ye bigge canne of wormes. Don't open it unless you really like a big helping of wormy goodness.


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