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Thursday, August 14, 2003


I guess I must be a bit tired of people quoting that stuff about the "Unashamed", because I've written this. I didn't quite manage to put in a line about "they don't spam me with a thousand supposedly-devout emails including threats or insults if you don't forward them to ten people in five minutes", but they don't do that, either.

They are not called to knock on doors,
To pounce on errors, make a speech,
Or show their faith upon their cars.
It's with their actions that they preach.
They aren't the ones with golden tongues;
They tend to listen more than talk,
And go for miles in others' shoes.
They don't say 'love'; they walk the walk.
And when they start to talk of God,
They're shy to speak out in His Name
Because their love's too deep for words.
They never throw brimstone and flame,
For they're too humble to assume
That they are saved and you are not.
But with their actions, and their eyes,
Who knows how many they have taught?

So let us praise the quiet ones,
Not call them cowards or "not bold".
They do not make a show of God;
God shines through them, plain to behold.


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