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Friday, August 15, 2003

Turn and Peep, Turn and Peep, There's Blood within the Shoe

Australian reporters document the importance of really good shoes to some American women with more money than sense.

Stephen Smith, a Californian podiatrist, said he turned away at least 50 patients a year who wanted extreme operations. "We have people come in and say: 'My foot is too wide. Can you get rid of my little toe?"'

You know, I hate to point this out, but if your shoe is too small for your foot, it can't be adequately supporting your body. Do you really want hammertoes, corns, bunions, broken ankles, and all the other lovely things bad shoes can do to you? And do you really want to pay that much for the privilege of hurting yourself? Do your feet a favor and find some good comfy shoes. The right shoe will look good on you, whether or not it's the latest fashion. In fact, you might just find yourself setting one.

(Also, if you're obsessing about how your toes look...get a clue! Toes look like toes! Nobody's toes are beautiful!)

Anyway, cosmetic surgery sure didn't work out for the wicked stepsisters....


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