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Tuesday, August 12, 2003

Things No Words Can Say

I'm never going to be one of the great apologists of the Church. I'm no good at arguments, and I'm not much good at answering questions. Not because I don't know much about my religion, either. Everything I believe and feel and know about God and life tends to come rushing to mind all at once. I want to tell people everything and end up saying nothing. (This is the same problem I have with writing hymns.)

It doesn't help that I have a temper. Unfortunately, arguments about religion tend to touch off both my quick and slow-building anger styles. I enjoy discussions, but arguments are no fun for me at all. I take them too much to heart.

But as incapable as I am of putting these things into words, I have to keep trying. Words are the way I best process the world; they're the gift I was given to use. What else can I do but keep trying? And if words are insufficient -- well, putting them to music will at least explain a little more of what I mean.


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