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Monday, August 18, 2003

Several Obvious Truths about Prostitution

For some reason, a lot of people seem to be confused about prostitution. So let's chat, shall we?

1. The majority of prostitutes don't want to be. They are desperate for money to stay alive, have a drug habit to support, or were lured in and kept in by an abusive pimp. Nowadays, we once more get a lot of women who've been brought from their own countries under false pretenses who are kept here either as outright slaves or through the burden of a debt they will never be allowed to pay off. There are a few women who have been abused or tricked enough that they actually think they like prostitution, but this is a small minority, usually highly paid. Women go back to prostitution after being arrested not because they like it, but because they are afraid or they know nothing else. Prostitutes tend to have drug habits after a while even if they didn't have them before -- because being a prostitute is nothing you want to be fully conscious for!

2. Johns should be arrested and sent to jail. For a good long time. Their pictures should go in the newspaper, too. Humiliations galore for these scum, since we wouldn't have prostitution and white slavery if there were no customers for it. Since it's not exactly difficult to obtain free sex in our promiscuous society, these people are clearly sickos who don't want consenting sex from an equal.

3. Prostitutes should be given help and retrained for other jobs. Get them off the drugs, give them some self-esteem, and gee, they might just be able to reenter society and get real jobs.

4. Legalized prostitution just makes the state the pimp. Nothing like skimming off abused and brutalized women's tax dollars. Sure, they get a little added protection -- but the pimp does that, too. Since legalized prostitution is usually combined with legalized drugs, it doesn't even protect them from that.

5. Every country should crack down on sex trafficking. It's disgusting that the white slave trade is being allowed to flourish. We need to stop the trade, put all the scum doing it in prison, rescue the women (and boys, etc.), and give them some help getting back up on their feet. As a public health measure alone, it would be invaluable.

6. Calling it "sex work" just panders to the panderers. Yes, it is inherently brutalizing. The major reason to call it "sex work" is so that johns can use women without complaints by feminists. As an added bonus, they can bring in white slaves and claim they're just undocumented workers -- again, without complaints by feminists. Nothing like sleight of word.

7. Prostitution drives away legitimate businesses. Nobody decent wants to be mistaken for a john or a prostitute. (Especially since prostitutes tend to attract lovely people like serial killers.) So legitimate businesses die wherever prostitution takes root.

8. Prostitution victimizes everyone by teaching that sex is for sale. Women and children and young men become nothing but objects to johns. Again, note the lovely connection between johns and serial killers.

Incredibly obvious points, aren't they? And yet they're really controversial. Open your eyes, people. Prostitution is a terrible scourge on any society. For any feminist -- for any human -- to support it is insupportable.


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