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Sunday, August 17, 2003

The Feast of St. Seiya?

The first anime show I ever saw in Japanese, St. Seiya, is coming to Cartoon Network on August 30 at 7 PM. Here, as in most parts of the world, it will be called Knights of the Zodiac. Which is just as well, since Seiya and his fellow "saints" work for Athena and a bunch of other pagan gods. ;) "Knights" is probably a more sensible terminology, especially since the guys get their powers from "armors". (Is this sounding a bit familiar? Yep, Ronin Warriors drew on this concept.) Basically, a classic eighties show written for boys with still more tournaments. I swear, this tournament format must go. Lucky for me that I was introduced to the series through the movies, which had nothing to do with tourneys and everything to do with saving Athena. (Though I had some basic issues with the goddess of martial skill, the chick who took down Ares, as a damsel in distress. She should have been rescuing them.)

Anyway, your basic Japanese team of cute, angst-ridden young guys who are as great a danger to themselves as to the enemy. And yet they will triumph, and I will cheer...assuming the dub's decent. The young girls will love it if the eighties hair doesn't kill them first. I look forward to the show as a return to my youth. I also look forward to seeing whether the new fanfics produced are just as sappy and/or slashy as the fanfics of yore.


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