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Tuesday, July 01, 2003

Composing for Sean: Attempt #1!

I'm not sure exactly where this would fit in... preparation hymn, maybe? Well, there's always the unimportant bits before Mass....


Lyrics and Music: Maureen S. O'Brien, 7/1/03


I will make a covenant with you.

Come and take me as your own,

And you will be mine, too.

We will be one forever --

I am faithful, I am true.

I will make a covenant with you.

If you will trust Me,

I will give you all you need.

I'll lead you to a land

I'll make your own.

I will give you children

Like the stars up in the sky.

I will never leave you

Here alone.


When your days are full of pain

And shame and misery,

I will not abandon you

To lie among the dead.

I will not forget you;

I will come and set you free.

I'll live and die and rise for you,

And make Myself your bread.


You may turn your back on Me,

But I will love you still.

I made you and I know

Just how much better you could be.

But if you come back, I'll take you back --

You know I always will,

For I want you to walk with me

Throughout all eternity.


My brother's lactose-intolerant, so please tell me if you spot any cheese!

(And yes, there's definitely a slight scansion problem with the verses. I'll see what I can do after I've pondered it for a bit.)


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