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Tuesday, June 17, 2003



Choir's over for the summer, but there's summer choir. I haven't managed to get up there the obligatory half-hour early for the nine-thirty Mass yet, so no summer choir yet for me. We have a new priest, Fr. Martin Fox, helping out. He's really not that young; he worked in DC politics first. Actually, none of our new priests in the diocese this year are all that young. Anyway, here's the story at The Cincinnati Enquirer. Father Manning did ask us to pray we'd get somebody, but I also think Fr. Manning's skill in running our parish while staying a nice and respected guy has something to do with it. You couldn't ask for a better trainer and good example. (He's a saint. Really. The active kind.)

Oh, yeah, and my older brother's getting married in October, in case I didn't tell you, and I've been tapped to sing for them. I'm really looking forward to this, especially as I've been asked to help with music selection. Mwahahaha....


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