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Monday, April 07, 2003

Tanya Grotter Pictures

The Sarasota Herald-Tribune has a rather nice picture of the Dutch cover of Tanja Grotter en de Magische Contrabas. Lovely.

It's based on the extremely beautiful Russian cover. You really can't appreciate it in the small pictures on the net, as the fine details become invisible. So I'm sacrificing my bandwidth to let you download a scan of the front and back covers. If you don't have broadband, you might just try looking at this detail of a wyvern with a rather odd design on its wings. Try looking sideways to see what I mean.

Meanwhile, here's a detail showing the world's only magic school, Tibidox.
Tibidox is pink.

And here's a detail showing the only real copyright problem the Dutch translation might have had.

Tanya's Nikes

Nice cover art, eh? See, they're all just jealous of Tanya....


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