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Tuesday, October 22, 2002

And the Blog Plays On

I've finally decided why I like blogging so much. No matter what the big news story of the day is, blog commentaries acknowledge that there are other stories, and that life goes on. There's also a variety among blogs which doesn't really exist in most of the mass media. When BBC World News broke into their news show this morning to report on the sniper, I knew that their coverage would be the same as CNN's coverage as CBS' coverage as ABC's coverage. (I don't even bother with Fox News; they're sleazy. Conservative sleaze is more annoying than the liberal kind, since I'm conservative.)

If bloggers were reporters (or if reporters had their hands free, to give them credit), I suspect that their coverage would be different. At the very least, they would stick the "live at the site of the sniper attack" traffic footage up in a corner, while going on with the news of the day until there were more details than "Somebody got shot. We don't know who." (I hope so, anyway.)


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